Parks BBQ

bulgogi stew seafood pancake

a feast! galbi on the grill

Editor’s note: This post is based on a visit from March 2009

This may just be my favorite Korean BBQ place on the westside. Quality meats, fantastic seasonings, great variety.


Seafood pancake (see top right image). This delightful concoction of egg, starch, seafood and vegetable was fried to surprisingly not-too-greasy consistency. Veggies and seafood bits were tender and savory. This was so good that someone from our group tried to make this at home, with limited success.

Galbi. Galbi is really hard to mess up, but tough to do right. Park’s Galbi was wonderfully flavorful.

Bulgogi “soup”. Literally it’s a “soup” filled with bulgogi and onions. Stellar with rice.

Great ventilation. When you go to a Korean BBQ, you expect to come out smelling like charred meat for at least a few days. Parks is one of the least smokiest KBBQs I’ve been to thanks to its industrial-strength ventilation system.

Parks BBQ
955 S Vermont Ave
Los AngelesCA 90005