A few destinations to get you started…

You live in Torrance/Gardena/Beach Cities and you need to eat! Where do you go?? Here’s a quicklist of a few of my favorites in the Torrance/South Bay area.

my favorite meal

Shinsengumi Hakata Ramen
Gardena, CA

Ramen cooked to your exact specifications in savory pork-flavored broth. You say you want it hard, thick and strong? Done.

Gardena, CA

A favorite. Izakaya style (Japanese tapas) dining. Favorite menu items: rib eye and stingray fin you grill at the table, cheese risotto served out of a gigantic wedge of cheese, and the sweet tofu/cracker dessert.

ginormous omelette chocolate chip pancakes

Original Pancake House
Redondo Beach, CA

My favorite breakfast place in the South Bay. Best eggs, best bacon, huge and amazing omelettes.