Caramel Custard

finally made caramel custard last week for the first time in like 10 years. i am happy to report that it did not suck!

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Parks BBQ

bulgogi stew seafood pancake

a feast! galbi on the grill

Editor’s note: This post is based on a visit from March 2009

This may just be my favorite Korean BBQ place on the westside. Quality meats, fantastic seasonings, great variety.


Seafood pancake (see top right image). This delightful concoction of egg, starch, seafood and vegetable was fried to surprisingly not-too-greasy consistency. Veggies and seafood bits were tender and savory. This was so good that someone from our group tried to make this at home, with limited success.

Galbi. Galbi is really hard to mess up, but tough to do right. Park’s Galbi was wonderfully flavorful.

Bulgogi “soup”. Literally it’s a “soup” filled with bulgogi and onions. Stellar with rice.

Great ventilation. When you go to a Korean BBQ, you expect to come out smelling like charred meat for at least a few days. Parks is one of the least smokiest KBBQs I’ve been to thanks to its industrial-strength ventilation system.

Parks BBQ
955 S Vermont Ave
Los AngelesCA 90005

Pupusas from Pupuseria El Cerro Verde

Cheese pupusa on top, pork and cheese on bottom. Both have a nice savoriness to them but are not too salty.

99 Things to Eat in LA Before You Die | LA Weekly

Jonathan Gold has put together a great to-eat list for LA Weekly. It’s lovely and amazing and makes me oh-so-hungry!

99 Things to Eat in LA Before You Die

On the list:

  • Urasawa’s Fugu
  • Bulgarini’s Goat’s Milk Gelato
  • Shanxi Knife-Cut Noodles
  • Newport Seafood’s Spicy Lobster
  • Romanesco
  • and MORE!

So who wants to go eat??

Kyochon Chicken Strips (and the delicious crispy rice batter that coats them)

Kyochon Chicken Strips!

I only discovered Kyochon Chicken last year, but I’ve been hooked. I get cravings for these delicious little chunks of tender and juicy marinated chicken battered in some sort of special rice coating that crisps up after it’s been deep fried and has just the slightest tinge of curry wafting under your nostrils and over your tastebuds. These are usually nothing short of glorious and I really don’t want to know how bad these are for you.

Kyochon Chicken
Freshia Market
Torrance, CA

What the hell… RAD OMEN – “Rad Anthem”

This is actually pretty rad. See your favorite fast food mascots gettin’ crazy.

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A Fast Way to Bake Cookies: Use a Waffle IronFine Cooking | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn

this is going on my to-do list.

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Proof That Anything Can Be Deep Fried | Top Cultured

Now this is really inspiration more than anything else. =) Time to do another Deep-Fry-day!

Above picture is of Deep Fried Oreos.

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It’s A Frap! | Palahniuk & Chocolate


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